Beauty therapy institute

The beauty therapy institute welcomes you by appointment for massages in a single or twin booth or for cosmetic treatment (also open to outside guests).

The beauty institute is a company that is independent from the Hotel (Above the Sky).

Opening hours :

Mondays: Closed

Tuesdays to Fridays: 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. /1.30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Saturdays: 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. /1.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Sundays 9.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Treatments are only provided by appointment : +41 22 960 81 67

Treatments & Massages

Explore our treatment menu.

We have chosen the Sothys brand for you, which provides an entire universe of utterly refined sensuality and emotion; a legendary name that is synonymous with excellence and prestige in beauty therapy institutes the world over. Offering a complete range of treatments that is perfectly aligned with contemporary concepts of beauty and wellbeing, the House of Sothys has stood out since its first beginnings due to its outstanding commitment to research and innovation, earning a name as a recognised expert in cutting-edge beauty treatments.


Awakening the senses Facial and scalp massage to allow full body relaxation.20 minCHF 50.-
Back comfort massage Back massage allows to relieve of tensions, ease muscular contractions to oxygenate the body.30 minCHF 70.-
Plantar reflexology Massage of feet and arch of the foot, parts which stimulate reflex areas, it allows to reduce stress as well as tensions in the body.45 minCHF 90.-
100% personalized massage The best massage adapted to your needs and helps to rediscover a harmony of body & mind.45 min
60 min
75 min
90 min
CHF 100.-
CHF 135.-
CHF 165.-
CHF 195.-
Pair massage Enjoy a unique moment to relax next to each other.45 min
60 min
CHF 159.-
CHF 229.-


Australian back massage

Advised for men

Real stretching of the back through strong, slow and deep pressures for a complete relaxation.

40 minCHF 90.-
Swedish massage

Advised to sportsperson

Detoxification of the body and absolute relaxation further a deep and tonic massage.

60 minCHF 135.-
Rhythmical Mexican massage

Rhythmical and energizing massage through salsa music manoeuvres.

60 minCHF 135.-
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage

This very slow massage reminds us of the wave movements and allows letting go and a full disconnection though the rocking motion.

30 min
60 min
CHF 70.-
CHF 135.-
Polynesian massage with warm shells (only from October to April)

This massage offers you a moment of fulfillment, combining the benefits of the heat and softness of the shell.

75 minCHF 165.-
Candle massage (only from October to April)

The heat of the candle, gives an enveloping oil. Several fragrances are offered to choose from.

60 minCHF 145.-
Hot stones massage (only from October to April)

Your ally against cold and grey weather, this heating massage releases tensions through the heat of the stones, while rebalancing energies.

Not recommended to people with circulatory problems.

60 minCHF 145.-


Anti-cellulite slimming program

Anti-cellulite massages improve your appearance and your opinion about yourself; this 30-minute massage enables to strengthen your shape through deep kneading which reduces cellulite, with drainage and combining slimming machines for cures.

30 minCHF 75.-



Get back a soft and rehydrated skin through suited exfoliation.

45 minCHF 80.-
Oxygenating treatment for the back

Complete treatment adapted to your needs which can include an exfoliation, mask and massage. Your skin is purified and your body is freed from tensions

50 minCHF 85.-


Inspired by rituals coming from different continents, these trips are timeless breaks which bring softness, relaxation and peace to your body and escape for the mind... the time of half a day for an exquisite moment of well-being with your dream destination!

Dream destinations

30 min of exfoliation + 30 min of massage + 30 min of envelopment OR 30 min of exfoliation + 60 min of massage

1h30CHF 175.-
Trips to the end of the world

30 min of exfoliation + 60 min of massage + 30 min of envelopment OR 30 min of exfoliation + 90 min of massage

2hCHF 199.-
Luxury trips

Trips to the end of the world + facial treatment “Radiance of the face” 30 min

2h30CHF 275.-

Dream destination + suited facial treatment 60 min

2h30CHF 289.-
A moment for him

Footbath swirls in our Pedispa with massaging chair + tonic exfoliation of the feet + body massage + express facial treatment with massage of the scalp and of the face.

1h45CHF 199.-
Timeless Her

Footbath swirls in our Pedispa with massaging chair + massage of feet + exfoliation of full body + envelopment with shea butter and massage of the scalp and of the face + body massage.

2h30CHF 299.-
Our « You and me » stop

45 min of massage + complete seasonal facial treatment.

1h30CHF 305.-


Fundamental treatment customized

Gentle makeup removal following an exfoliation which prepares to a massage and application of a mask adapted to your skin type.

60 minCHF 120.-
Detoxifying treatment for men

Essential facial to re-boost and detoxify men’s skin. An exfoliation which prepares to a massage to a mask applied and adapted to every face area.

60 minCHF 120.-


Seasonal treatment

This treatment reveals your skin’s radiance renewed each season. During spring-summer it is time to bring vitamin to the skin and during autumn-winter it is time to bring minerals.

50 minCHF 120.-


Intense energizing treatment with Eleuthérocoque

A real boost! This 100% manually done treatment includes deep cleansing phasis which is ideal by itself or to get prepared for a cure for intense anti-aging or hydration, to give back energy and radiance to the skin.

Face radiance: 30 min deep cleansing followed by a massage and a mask.

80 minCHF 160.-
Hydra 3Ha Hyaluronic acid™

Perfect union with techniques and sensations, this treatment associates ultra-comfortable textures to high performing assets soaking the skin with a feeling of comfort and procures sensations of absolute hydration

80 minCHF 160.-
[C] Collagène Hyaluronique™

First intensive anti-aging treatment adapted to the real age of your skin upon diagnosis of our expert beautician. A professional treatment combining technology and exclusive gestures, with a proven and lasting efficacy. A suited anti-aging program.

Cure of 3 intensive treatments CHF 430.-

instead of CHF 480.-, 1 treatment per week for 3 weeks.

80 minCHF 160.-
Lifting treatment with machine

Complete anti-aging facial treatment which includes machine and suited modelling action in order to lift the skin.

We suggest customized cures depending on your wishes and needs.

80 minCHF 160.-


Beauty of hands

Filing, cuticles treatment & hydrating creme.

CHF 29.-
SPA Beauty of hands

Filing, exfoliating and softening bath, cuticles treatment and massage.

CHF 49.-


Beauty of feet

Whirlpool and massaging chair, filing, cuticles treatment, elimination of callosities and hydrating creme.

CHF 59.-
SPA Beauty of feet

Whirlpool and massaging chair, filing, cuticles treatment, elimination of callosities, exfoliation and massage.

CHF 79.-


Mask/ExfoliationCHF 10.-
CalluspeelCHF 25.-
Nail polish applicationCHF 12.-
French Nail polish applicationCHF 18.-
Removing gel coat

(simple removal without manicure or beauty of feet)

CHF 19.-


Application of classical gel coat

Filing, cuticles treatment, gel coat application and hydrating creme (without removal of gel coat).

FrenchCHF 59.-
CHF 64.-
Restorative treatment for nails « IBX »

Ideally after a removal, or for delicate nails.

1ère fois
CHF 39.-
CHF 19.-


Relaxing treatment for feet

Whirlpool and massaging chair, exfoliation, mask and relaxing massage of 20 minutes.

CHF 99.-
Relaxing treatment for hands and feet

Whirlpool and massaging chair, softening bath for hands, exfoliation, mask, 30 minutes relaxing massage of hands and feet.

CHF 129.-


On specific area of the faceCHF 18.-
ArmpitCHF 19.-
Simple bikiniCHF 29.-
Brasilian bikiniCHF 49.-
American bikiniCHF 59.-
Full bikiniCHF 69.-
S.I.F.CHF 18.-
BellyCHF 18.-
Half legsCHF 48.-
ThighsCHF 49.-
¾ of legsCHF 69.-
Full legsCHF 79.-
Half armsCHF 28.-
Full armsCHF 39.-


On specific area of the faceCHF 20.-
ArmpitCHF 25.-
BackCHF 50.-
TorsoCHF 45.-
BellyCHF 35.-
Half legsCHF 59.-
Full legsCHF 89.-
Half armsCHF 35.-
Full armsCHF 50.-


Subscription validity 6 months including

including :

20% reduction on the menu for members

An entry to the wellness at CHF 30.-

6 treatments to offer at membership rate.

CHF 199.-


5 massages bought = 1 additional massage offered.

10 massages bought = additional massage offered and 1 session of 30 min. machine of your choice.


You can offer a moment of well-being with a gift card, valid to choose amongst the entire treatments we have, and make sure to pamper your family and friends !

  • Purchase of a treatment does not include a free entry to the wellness.
  • Thank you to arrive 10 minutes before the beginning of your treatment. In case of lateness and in order to not disturb other scheduled treatments, the timing of your treatment can be reduced in respect of protocols.
  • The cancelation policy is until 24hours before your treatment without any charges. In case of not showing up and of late cancelation the treatments will be fully charged. For booking of treatment including a hotel stay please refer to your booking confirmation.
  • While booking, please inform us of any allergies or contraindication.
  • Please let us know of your pregnancy status because not every treatment is adapted in that case. Massages are adapted starting week 16th of pregnancy
  • Our massages are to relax and embellish, they are non-therapeutic.
  • Our packages and subscriptions cannot be modified and are nominative.
  • For security reasons we cannot take care of your children.
  • Validity of gift cards are for 6 months.
  • It is mandatory to wear a swimming suit within the premises.
  • Please turn off your phones to respect the quietness of the place.
  • The management is allowed to change and modify rates and treatments without any notice.
  • We do not practice intimate cares and all intimate relations are forbidden.